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Babe Beach is located in the famous tourist resort of Novalja on the island of Pag, on the outskirts of the town. The beach is long circular in shape, covered with a combination of fine brown pebbles and sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the seabed is covered with small stones. Since the beach is located near Novalja, top restaurants, beach and coffee bars and other facilities such as shops are at your fingertips, and on the beach there is a great cafe. On the beach it is possible to rent straw umbrellas and deck chairs, pedal boats, and there is some natural shade. Babe Beach is popular with both locals and tourists, and is one of the favorite gathering places for young people.


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The beach is a perfect destination for people of all age group from young to elderly as it has all the facilities that you may need while spending your time there. There is plenty of shade around to escape the heat from the sun
This is the best beach I've ever been to. The fine sand with pebbles was so beautiful not forgetting the cool breeze of the sea. The restaurants offer various delicacies and the cool breeze completes it all. If you are in for relaxing then this is where to be.
The circular shape and the white gravel around the beach made the place look beautiful and the clear clean water from the sea was perfect for swimming, diving as well as boat rowing. There is planet of shades to escape the excess heat from the sun
very good!!!
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