Babe Beach - Novalja


Babe Beach - Novalja is another in a series of beautiful pebble beaches on the island of Pag located in a shallow bay near Novalja. Due to the extremely shallow sea, this beach is probably the warmest beach on the island of Pag, which is an ideal place for small children, the elderly and non-swimmers. The beach can be reached on foot from Novalja by walking by the sea or by car. Along the beach there is natural shade for all who want a vacation from the sun. In the immediate vicinity of the beach there is a kiosk, pastry shop, fast food and a cafe. Sun loungers can be rented on the beach, and changing cabins are available. 

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Place Type

public beach


Pag island

Place Location

D107, 53291, Novalja


(6 reviews)
Babe beach is a beautiful pebble beach with shallow sea thus warm water. It is ideal for children and old people. It has a natural shade that can help cool off the summer heat.There is a kiosk, pastry shop and fast food cafe, changing rooms and you can rent sun loungers .
I took my grandmother with me for vacation at the beach and she loved the warm atmosphere at the beach which thanks to the guide i had packed a light luggage. The sound of the waves from the sea was soothing to the soul. I loved it.
With changing cabins and sun loungers available for hire we enjoyed the stay at the pebble beach with my family. The kids had a great time swimming at the dazzling sea and a natural shade is available. We had some food at the cafe and is was tasty well prepared.
I was on a business trip when i stumbled on the pastry shops where i got several ideas on how to better cake baking. The cakes were very delicious and I bought some to take to great accommodation unit where i was staying during the vacation. My trip here was a productive one.
This is a warm beach covered by pebbles. A good pizza or a burger after a warm swim is perfect here. The beach is also good for the elderly and non-swimmers. I enjoyed long walks on this beautiful pebble beach and sightseeing and discovering the rich history of the island.
very good!!!
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