Mosor is a high mountain that dominates the area between the coastal cities of Split and Omis. The highest peak, Veliki Kabal, is 1339 meters high, and the total length of the entire mountain is an astonishing 25 km. Mount Mosor has long attracted the attention of professional and amateur mountaineers and speleologists. During sunny and clear days from the high peaks of Mosor there are impressive views in all directions, but it is best to discover the recognizable outlines of the nearby city of Split. Thanks to the rich network of marked roads, a wide variety of excursions are possible, from easy half-day walks to demanding multi-day tours.
Rich in fauna and flora, as well as numerous caves and pits, the most popular cave is Vranjacha in the southeastern part of Mosor, accessible through the town of Dugopolje. Mosor also has an observatory known as the "Star Village of Mosor".

Mosor Mountain is one of Split's most popular hiking and mountaineering destinations.

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very good!!!
My enjoyed hiking in the mountains of Mosor. It ignited and refreshed my moments. I will plan a visit back.
The artistry of Mosor people is well versed on great exhibitions. I really enjoyed the lively events in this place.
Mount Mosor is a fabulous raised place. It is great viewing point in the nearby surrounding. I really liked this place.
The ancient mausoleums are great place we paid pay a visit. The hold all histories of this place. It was a great experience.
My father and I liked the traditional culture of Mosor. They engaged in human made crafts . I bought one which I treassure alot.
I hiked the mountain which was a good way of keeping fit after all the junk i consumed. We went as a group and with two guides and it was such a good hike i slept when i went back to the hotel.