The city of Trilj is called the Cetina city of bridges, and is located near Split. It was created in prehistoric times near the most favorable, and thus the most important crossing over the river Cetina, and later at the intersection of very important traffic routes to the historic ancient cities - Salona, ​​Narona and Argentaria.Every year on September 29, the day of the City of Trilj is celebrated, when the people celebrate the feast of St. Michael, who is also the patron saint of the City.What the town of Trilj can be proud of is the grotto. Namely, since this area was poor, the young men could not buy a gold necklace, so on the feast of St. Michael in Trilj they would betroth a loved one by giving her a grotula, which looks very reminiscent of a gold Trilj necklace. which represents the most beautiful gift possible. Traditionally, a young man gave it to a girl on the feast of St. Michael as a symbol of affection or even as a symbol of marriage offer. Despite the original symbolism, all generations are happy to buy "grotulja" today.

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