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Perun hill is located above the tourist attraction Podstrana in Dalmatia and stretches for 17 kilometers along the Adriatic coast. The highest peak of the hill is the peak Križ at 533 meters above sea level from which stretches an incredible panoramic view of the surrounding towns and islands. The hill owes its name to the ancient Slavic deity - Perun, the god of thunder and lightning. Throughout the area you can see traces of Illyrian cultures and medieval churches (some of which are very well preserved today). Apart from the fact that the area exudes a mythical atmosphere, Perun hill is a very popular recreational destination, both for the inhabitants of the surrounding towns and places, and for tourists. The whole area is networked with various marked and arranged hiking, biking and hiking trails. Also, there are several popular sports and entertainment attractions such as a large sports climbing area located on the southern rock of Veliki Perun not far from the mountain lodge near which you will find many more facilities that will entertain you. The flora and fauna here is preserved, rich and diverse. If you have a sports spirit and like an active vacation, we definitely recommend that you try exploring this mythical area. Don’t forget to just bring the right hiking gear!

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very good!!!
My kids enjoyed climbing the hill of Perun and got delighted on getting to its top giving them a clear a panoramic view of Croatia.
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