Stobrec Beach


The village of Stobrech was founded by the Greeks who were, no doubt, attracted to this location by its lovely coastline.

Its pebble beach is comfortable for sunbathing and sitting, and the sea here is reputed to be very calm. It is also shallow, which makes this beach perfect for families with children. Paddle boats are available for hire, in case you’re looking for extra fun, there is a coffee shop near by, as well as a children’s playground. It is located very close to the spot where the river Zhrnovnica meets the sea.

It might be interesting to note that Strobech is famous for the discovery of the sarcophagus of the Roman prefect Lucius Artorius Castus, who is believed to have been the inspiration for the character of King Arthur in some of the various Arthurian legends.

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public beach



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Put Svetog Lovre 6, 21311, Stobreč


(4 reviews)
The sea is beautiful and therapeutic.Great for walks and even a peaceful bask under the pleasant pine shade.The pebbles are quite eye catching and make the beach look more beautiful.I really felt a sense of calmness in this place.The place was quite family friendly so I'd definitely visit with my family.
The beach is fascinating for families with children and young people since it is always warm and the water is predominantly clean. I visited the place last summer with my mum and my younger sister and we were full of vibrant.
Walking along the beach of Stobrec gives you a feeling of timelessness. The old Greek village will indeed take off your mind from this age. I had a wonderful experience with my work colleagues. There are a number of cafe where you could buy coffee or lunch nearby. the toilets are also well maintained since it a busy place especially in summer.
very good!!!
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