Water Gate Tvrdja


The Water Gate is an extremely popular tourist attraction in Osijek, which represents the preserved entrance to the Tvrdja Fortress, as it once was.
The Water Gate was built back in 1710, in the time of Charles VI. During the construction of this mighty fortress, as many as four city gates were erected, each with its own name. The Water Gate was named after the fact that it faced the Drava River. All the doors at that time were regularly closed in the evening to ensure peace for those within the walls of Tvrdja Fortress, and in the morning life would resume. Of the four doors mentioned, only one remains - the Water Gate, which still serves as an inspiration to many painters. The Water Gate was built on the site of a dilapidated medieval gate, between the walls of Tvrdja, which led into its interior. Today's appearance of the gate in the form of a triumphal arch was defined in 1757. In the time of Ban Josip Jelachich, a new bridge was built, which was erected and thus closed the Water Gate.
In front of the renovated Water Gate, next to the promenade, an interactive map has been set up for better navigation of tourists and everyday visitors. While getting to know the city and its history, by no means omit this important and famous city symbol.

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(6 reviews)
I was awed by the triumphal arch that defines the gate. The location carries alot of historical significance.
Beautiful preserved entrance to the fortress with great history and awesome architectural structure.
very good!!!
Its entrance has an oval shape and the bridge over the water is well structured with wood and chains, i loved walking through it to the other side
Facing a river, its view was breathtaking. Its history and architectural structure was amazing
I visited this place and I had a opportunity to tour the Tvrdja fortress. This place was quite historical.
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