Pedestrian Bridge (Bridge of Youth)


The suspension pedestrian bridge was built in 1980 in just 3 months, and immediately became a symbol of the city as the only city pedestrian bridge 35 m high and 6 m wide, like the old city bridges. From its construction until the Homeland War, the bridge was called the Bridge of Youth. It suffered significant damage during the war, but was never demolished. In recent years, padlocks locked by lovers in order to "imprison" their love forever can be found more and more often on the bridge.

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Historic bridges



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Drava, Osijek


(6 reviews)
very good!!!
Standing from this location, I got a beautiful view of the sorroundings. I also loved to see the padlocks left by couples on this bridge to seal their love. It was a beautiful experience.
Walking on this bridge was restorative. Its beauty took my breathe away
Romantic bridge with beautiful architectural structure. We loved the views from the bridge and had a superb time at the place.
The lighting at this bridge during the night was lovely. The effects produced by the lights was unbelievable. I would recommend taking a walk at night
Very beautiful in the night as it has a LED light along it, during the day we also got to see the great view of the waters as we walked through.
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