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Rezanska Beach is located near the Dalmatian town of Posedarje on the Karin Sea. The beach is easily accessible by car from the main road surrounding Karinsko Lake. The beach does not have a slight entrance into the sea, but it is actually large rocks, which fortunately are not sharp, so they are suitable for sunbathing and jumping into the sea. The sea is clean, clear and recognizable greenish blue. There are no natural shade and trees on the rocks that would provide you with shelter from the sun, so be sure to take a sunscreen with a high protection factor. In the immediate vicinity of the beach there is a smaller place Podgradina (which is part of Posedarje), so there you will find all the facilities and additional facilities you will need.

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An easily accessible beach for anyone looking to sunbathe or jump into the sea guaranteed to help you relax in my opinion, this beach has rocks that are not sharp that make it ideal for the afore mentioned activities.The sea is beautiful with its clean, clear greenish blue color. Adjacent to th ebeach is a small place with any required facilities, carry some sunscreen there is no shade here.
Sunbathing on the rocky beach was a surreal experience for me and my wife. We enjoyed the cool breeze of the ocean while exposing ourselves to the sun. It was a great getaway and I loved the romantic strolls we would take in the evening.
The beach is covered by large rocks and unfortunately the beach has no trees to take for cover when it is hot, so remember to carry your sunscreen. The beach is along the road so it is much accessible with a car. If you love sunbathing the rocks provide a good place to lie down and for a good swim is the clear greenish blue sea.
very good!!!
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