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One of the unavoidable places in Zadar County is definitely the beautiful Karin Sea. This bay is connected to the Novigrad Sea by a narrow canal. Also, two rivers flow into the Karin Sea - the river Karishnica and the Bijela river. Namely, the entire area of ​​the Karin Sea has been inhabited since ancient times. Previously, in the area of ​​today's Karina was the ancient Roman city-Corinium. Later, during the Middle Ages, the city of Karin as we know it today was formed, which played an important defensive role in the area.
Also, the shores of the Karin Sea are rich in medicinal mud due to the peculiarities of brackish water. This is one of the main attractions today. At sea you can rent a boat and have wireless internet access in almost the entire area. Younger generations will certainly be interested in fields where they can play badminton, beach volleyball and even water polo. It is definitely worth visiting this beautiful area, which with a rich cultural and historical heritage has a very strong tourism sector.

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