Mala Luka Beach


Located on the very outskirts of Omish, in the direction of the small resort Stanichi, Mala Luka Beach sits in the picturesque mini bay surrounded by a Mediterranean pine forest.

Its fine pebble terrain with sandy sections stretches into the sea bed, making it easy to access the shallow and calm sea. The water itself is clean and clear, the shades of the sea melting from the transparent into azure and dark blue, offering a picture-postcard view at any time of day.

The beach is flanked by the tree-covered slopes and some rocks, and divided into two sections. The lower, or the eastern, part is spacious with plenty of natural shade, while the upper side (western) is a slightly more narrow strip of land with less natural shade available. While there are no amenities on this beach, you’ll still be able to enjoy coffee and lunch with a sea view at the beach restaurant.

Even without a large entertainment and recreational offer this beach will keep you captivated by its Mediterranean ambience of carefree and relaxed swimming and sunbathing all day long.

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