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Nemira Beach is located not far from the town of Omis as part of a small apartment complex. The beach is relatively long and follows the coastline of the village. The beach is attractive and easily accessible on foot from Omis. It is made up of smaller pebbles, and the seabed as well. The entrance to the sea is shallow, gentle and suitable for all ages. The beach is very happy to visit, so do not be surprised if you see crowds. Lower Mediterranean vegetation and tall trees surrounding the beach will provide you with shelter from the sun. However, most of the beach is constantly exposed to the sun, so be sure to bring proper protection. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach itself, so be sure to take everything with you. If you still decide to look for refreshment in one of the cafes or restaurants, don't worry - everything is relatively close to you.

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I enjoyed swimming in the shallow waters and relaxing my body in the cool waters in this location. It was a refreshing experience, which helped restore my energy and strength to go back to work.
A beautiful and easily accessible beach made up of smaller pebbles and is ideal for swimming, you can expect to meet a crowd of vistors here. It has natural shade in some parts and other parts are exposed so carry some sunscreen when you visit and carry everything you need; there are no additional facilities and refreshment facilities are close.
Nemira is a quiet place suitable for those who like to spend a holiday relaxing by the Sea. The beach is very happy to visit because of is relatively long and follows the coastline of the village. We loved visiting the historic pirate town Omish.
very good!!!
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