Fort Forno


In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the entire area of Barbariga was known as Defence district IX, the northernmost part of the Austro-Hungarian Pula port defence system. It was 150 hectares wide and comprised of fourteen forts.

Built in 1904, Fort Forno was an integral part of it. It was built entirely out of concrete, with a ring structure, and conforms to the then standard of coastal fort-making, complete with high walls, loopholes, and a dry defence ditch intended as a barrier in case of infantry attacks. It is flanked by two batteries, Fort Benedetto and Fort Caluzzi, each with their own cannons.

After World War Two this fort was used for keeping livestock and forage, while its use today is completely civilian and it serves as an outdoor stage for theatre and music events. It is easily accessed from the Barbariga promenade and while the interior is not open to visitors, the outdoor structure can be visited at any time free of charge.

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