Staza Kastav-Majev vrh


U šetnju se kreće iz stare jezgre grada ( početna polazišna točka je Fortica )  te se nastavlja u dubine guste šume Loze. Uređene široke staze sa oznakama omogućiti će vam lako kretanje kroz šumu, a ukoliko želite možete se uspeti na Majev vrh koji se nalazi na 410 metara nadmorske visine. Dužina ove kružne staze je otprilike 5 i pol kilometara, a za prelazak će vam biti potrebno  oko sat i pol.

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very good!!!
We enjoyed hiking in the woods and rock climbing was fun with the group and we were equiped with the righ gear. Awesome place to take your mind off and engage in joyful activities.
Trait of kastav is a fascinating place. I liked the beauty and the stunning environment. Amazing
I was fascinated by the nature and physical features i encountered during the walk. it was also a wonderful site for photography with all the surrounding
I literally fell in love with the accomodation in this place. The apartments were spectacular and people were hospitable
I loved the nature trail and the fact that they were marked made it so easy it navigate. The nature around as you hike is also unique and intriguing. I loved the exercise
The stone pillar has inscriptions on both sides which translate to the lives of the people who existed during that time. It was an eventful and tiring hike across the area
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