Plaža Šumica


Prirodna debela hladovina ispod visokih drveća, sitni kamenčići pod prstima, ugodna temperatura mora, osvježavajuća pića u tamošnjem kafiću ili pak kušanje pravih morskih specijaliteta u restoranu na plaži. Sa sigurnošću Vam tvrdimo kako je upravo plaža Šumica odlično mjesto za obiteljski odmor od svakodnevnog vrućeg asfalta i gradskih gužvi.

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If you're looking for a place to spend some time away from the city,this is it! Certainly a nice place for a family vacation. There's shade, offering a cool place to rest and just remain undisturbed. A little pebbled beach and the sea breeze,some good old margarita and some Maori printed shorts to set the beach mood. It is not as crowded as most beaches.
The beach has countless apartments and resorts just close to the beach and every amenity and facility is nearby, the restaurants, parking space, and also a dock for boats.The weather here is wonderful and the waters are warm, also pine trees offer great shade and so much more, everyone should visit
I find it an ideal escape from the city, a nice place for a family holiday vacation. The shade offers a cool place to rest, be lazy and just relax and forget the hustle and bustle of the city. The small pebble covered beach and the sea temperature coupled with the availability of refreshing drinks makes it worth the visit. It is less crowded a bonus for anyone escaping the city.
very good!!!
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