Plave Grote


U neposrednoj blizini plaže sv. Ivan, nalazi se još jedna skrivena uvala Žanja. U toj uvali možete naći šljunčanu plažu i spilju Plave Grote u koje je moguće ući plivajući ili roneći. Kombinacijom sunca i mora spilja je plave boje pa je po tome i dobila ime. Do plaže je moguće doći pješice iz mjesta Lubenice ili brodom iz Cresa i Martinšćice.

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public beach



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51557, Lubenice


(4 reviews)
A boat ride to the place is the best option to access the beach, this gives one time to just take in the beauty of the sea. The main feature of the beach is the bay in its vicinity with a pebble beach and the Blue Grate cave that promises to take anyone's breath away. The beach does have a large crowd of people visiting, but the bay has few people making it worth visiting and taking a swim or dive to access the caves. The public amenities in the beach also are adequate and in good condition serving the visitors adequately.
I went to the beach on a boat ride.The vast sea is indeed beautiful to sail through.The beach is on an eyecatching bay and is decorated with pebble.The Blue Grate cave is a sight to behold. The beach is popular among tourists, while the bay has fewer visitors making it more appealing for those who prefer a more relaxed environment. Taking a swim or dive to access the caves should be on your bucket list.
I am a huge fan of pebble beaches, just seeing them and walking on them gives me peace and tranquility, the blue cave was also a must visit it was a nice feature and i could not miss to set my foot inside, the sunset here was also amazing and the blue sea floor was beautiful
very good!!!
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