Plaža Miljkovica


Plaža Miljkovica nalazi se na jugoistočnom dijelu otoka. Morsko dno je pješčano, na obali je sitan šljunak. Drvoredi, palme i klupe za odmaranje postavljeni su duž cijele obale. Plaža je izrazito zanimljiva zbog toplih morskih struja i blizine velikog broja privatnih moderno uređenih apartmana. Dostupan je najam vodenih skutera (jet-ski), banana boata, pedalina i kajaka. Na plaži se nalazi više kafića, gdje se možete osvježiti hladnim pićima, kavom i sladoledom. Plaža je idealna za obitelji s djecom zbog topline mora i vrućeg ljetnog povjetarca. 

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Place Type

public beach


Otok Vir

Place Location

Ul. Prezida II 22, 23234, Vir


(4 reviews)
I loved the place because the seabed is sandy and there are small pebbles on the shore. The beach is extremely interesting due to the warm sea currents and the proximity of a large number of private modern apartments.
Beautiful beach with excellent view from above when descending to the beach itself. Advice for elderly people to bring proper shoes as the path down the rocks is a bit unsteady.
This beach is highly recommendable for families. My family and I really enjoyed the activities here. We tried kayaking which was a quite a funny experience for us. There are a lot of palm trees and other trees with benches all around the coast and therefore some good shade and more relaxing can be enjoyed during the summer. There are variety of cafes on the beach so it's a guarantee you'll have good refreshments and some snacks.
very good!!!
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