Plaža Gornja Prezida


Plaža Gornja Prezida nalazi se na sjeveroistočnom dijelu otoka Vira. Ovu plažu odlikuje kristalno čisto more i prekrasan pogled na otok Pag i planinu Velebit. Kamen i šljunak se nalaze na obali, a dublje u moru pjesak. Plaža je pogodna za sve uzraste. 

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Place Type

public beach


Otok Vir

Place Location

Ul. Soldatica XIII 4, 23234, Vir


(4 reviews)
Gornja beach has a crystal clear sea and a beautiful view of the island of Pag. I collected lots of stone and gravels from the shore to take back with me. The beach is suitable for all ages.
The sea is very crystal clear and beautiful.There is a great view here of the Island Pag and the mountain Velebit. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place then this is where you should visit.There were some unique stone and gravel found on the shore that looked very beautiful.I collected some stones as souvenirs to myself.
If you visit the Island of Ivar the Gornja beach should be on your bucket list. The gravel found on the beach makes the place just stunning. The beauty in nature is just impeccable. It has virtually every beach amenity provided by the local authority
very good!!!
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