Plaža Biskupljača


Plaža Biskupljača nalazi se na sjeverozapadnom dijelu otoka Vira. Jedna je od starijih i u novije vrijeme moderno uređenih lučica za čamce, manje brodove i glisere. Plažu karakterizira šljunčano i pjeskovito morsko dno, te beton i šljunak na obali. Cijela šetnica je u zelenilu, a klupe za odmaranje postavljene su duž cijele plaže. Na samoj plaži nalazi se moderno uređeni caffe bar s prekrasnim pogledom na uvalu. Na samoj plaži postavljeni su suncobrani i ležaljke koje je moguće koristiti uz naknadu. More je umjereno plitko i pogodno za obitelji s djecom.

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Place Type

public beach


Otok Vir

Place Location

Put Biskupljače, 23234, Vir


(4 reviews)
This sea is beautiful and therapeutic. Being an adventurous girl, this place was definitely a hit for me. The shade had this relaxing mood and the sea was calm and quiet. After the hot supper heat, the ice creams were just around to cool off our bodies.
I visited this place with my family and it was just a wonderful experience, this beach has concrete and pebbles on the shore and a pebble and sandy seabed. The moderately shallow sea makes it a wonderful place for families to visit, refreshments are offered on the beach from a modern cafe with a beautiful view of the bay. The entirity of the promenade is green with benches ste along the beach for resting. Fair crowd numbers visit this place in the summer.
The most fascinating thing about the beach to me was the green coastline filled with nature and benches to sit on along the coastline, there is also umbrellas and deck chairs set up on the beach and are accessible by a small fee, the weather is calm and food is also available. I loved it
very good!!!
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