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Tavern Valle Losca is located in the heart of beautiful romantic Opatija with a long tradition. The menu consists of traditional Croatian and Mediterranean dishes prepared according to local recipes. Especially delicious are dishes of fresh fish and seafood purchased from local fishermen such as octopus under the baking lid or white fish (gilthead sea bream, sea bass) from the grill with a side dish of seasonal vegetables. You can also choose home-made pasta dishes such as šurlice with goulash, creamy risotto and classic meat dishes such as veal or lamb steaks and cutlets. Portions are more than plentiful, and prices are moderate and affordable. The friendly staff is at your service and will help you choose one of the top Croatian wines from the rich wine list.

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Phone: 095/580-3757

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Ul. Andrije Štangera 2, 51410, Opatija


(7 reviews)
We stopped for dinner on our way back and ate really well here. The setting was lovely on a little terrace that gave the panoramic view of the sea,the ice cream cakes were great. We will visit this restaurant on our next trip in the area.
The fast food delicacies in the location are very enticing. I tried a fried hamburger and ended up ordering three more for later consumption. An amazing restaurant!!
very good!!!
The food was locally sourced and organic and the food was cooked to perfection. We ate three meals here and we noticed that the menu keeps on changing hence there's always something new to try. The beef steaks were amazing
The food offered were delicious and elegantly served. At the time of our visit, there was no menu but the staff were really helpful they helped to choose the foods we would take. The homemade pasta dishes were to die for, we topped it up with homemade ice cream and I can't regret finding this location . Great food
I enjoyed the customer service from the staff that work in this location. They were quite sweet, clear, and fast in ensuring that I received all I needed at the right time.
The customer service in this location was phenomenal. The waitress who served was kind and quite considerate on everything I needed.
8 of 12 Restaurant from Opatija based on rating