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Restaurant Evergreen is located in a smaller town Volosko near Opatija. As its name suggests, the menu is dedicated to traditional Croatian-coastal dishes that are always popular and gladly ordered by the guest. So here you can order various fish dishes such as squid, sardines or fresh grilled fish, meat dishes such as various steaks and lamb or veal chops, barbecue, pasta in sauces or creamy risotto. The foods used are fresh and seasonal, and dishes tend to change depending on the season and the availability of food. The wine list goes well with the menu, and contains numerous Croatian labels. The friendly and cordial staff is at your service and will be happy to help you choose the best combination of food and drink.


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Ul. Andrije Štangera 62, 51410, Opatija


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Their menu is made up traditional Croatian coastal dishes. I liked how the had had prepared tier squid dish. It was very tasty.
The traditional Karlovac delicacies offered in this location revitalized my taste buds. Examples include; carp and perch.
I would recommend this restaurant over and over, the fish was fresh,the ice cream was perfect with a flavour of berries. I loved the fact they have the vegetarian offer which favoured me and the ambience of the place is great. This will remain to be our favourite place forever.
We had all we wanted here after a heavy sunshine, starters with fish are just delicious,lamb and veal , salads and traditional Croatian foods. The soups served here are good for a lunch and the truffles were excellent. All the best for food and drinks.
I really enjoyed their meat steaks. It was well spiced and well prepared. And the meat was really soft. Fantastic restaurant
The luxurious green gardens in this location offer a beautiful space for kids to enjoy playing around. My husband and I enjoyed a cool lunch break as my daughter played on the grass.
The sardines and wine was a good combination. The sardines were well prepared. Their service was just the best.
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