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Restaurant Ariston is located in the villa of the same name in Opatija. The restaurant's menu is based on coastal-Mediterranean cuisine with innovative food preparation techniques that follow world trends. The ingredients used by the restaurant are fresh, locally sourced and seasonal, which guarantees the top quality of each dish. The restaurant's specialties are definitely fresh, locally caught fish and seafood such as shellfish, shrimp, squid and octopus. In addition to fish dishes, you will also find home-made pasta dishes and meat dishes such as delicious Cres lamb. For true germans, there are also tasting menus of several courses that present the best that the restaurant has to offer. The wine list contains the names of great Croatian and foreign winemakers and goes well with the menu. The professional and friendly staff will help you choose food and drinks. Although perhaps a little more expensive, Ariston definitely offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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Ul. Maršala Tita 179, 51410, Opatija


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As a true German food lover, i was delighted to be offered the tasting menus of several courses that the restaurant offers. The wine from great Croatian and foreign winemakers perfectly complemented the menu. Shoutout to the waiter for helping us with wine selection.
The services were fast and the waiters warmly welcomed us to the restaurant. They speak English among other languages, they helped us with the menu selection. Despite the many people i could eat in less than an hour.
I was here with my family, my kids were offered the kids plata plate, we had the sandwiches , chips, salami and ground steak meatballs and they were pleasant.The fries were yummy,fresh and hot,the restaurant is very nice for a pre-dinner apero. I highly recommend.
very good!!!
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