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Tartufi Istra company is located in Buzet. They are engaged in truffle hunting and selling products made from top-quality fresh truffles. Truffles are harvested only when they are ripe, which contributes to quality. In addition to fresh truffles, they also offer various products with the addition of truffles: peanuts with truffles, cheese with truffles, olive oil with truffles ... Visitors are offered the opportunity to go truffle hunting and tasting and buying products.

№2 in 4 Truffle from Buzet
№42 in 1804 Truffle from Croatia

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Matka Trinajstića 3A, 52420 Buzet


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very good!!!
Truffles are the takers of the day and we couldn't miss a chance to have some on our plates. We enjoyed the well prepared truffles and loved the enticing meal at the place. Remarkable place that i would recommend a visit.
A trip to Motovun and to Tartufi Istra without picking up a gift box from the gift shop around in incomplete. I also bought some truffle to have them later on the journey.
This place is located in Buzet they are hunt and sell top quality truffles. I loved that they waited for the truffles to be ripe before harvesting which explains why they produce quality truffles.
My friends and I visited this place during summer and went for truffle hunting which was a lot of fun. We were even allowed to taste some of the truffles with peanuts and olives. It was nice
It is located in buzet and they participate in truffle hunting.Their truffles are fresh and of really good quality. They have products such as peanut on truffle among others
The staff were very knowledgeable about the truffles, friendly to us and were at our service. It was here that i learnt that truffles are harvested when ripe only hence contributing to their good quality. I highly recommend tring cheese with truffles, won't regret.
3 of 4 Truffle from Buzet based on rating