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Prodan Truffles is a family business from Buzet. They are engaged in truffle hunting and selling truffle products. Truffle hunting is a family tradition, and the love for it is passed down through the generations. They offer a variety of truffle products such as truffle spreads, olive oils with truffles, sweet delicacies with truffles, cheeses and salami with truffles. In addition to tasting and buying products, visitors can also opt to go truffle hunting.

№4 in 4 Truffle from Buzet
№262 in 1804 Truffle from Croatia

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Sv. Ivan, Praščari 43


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very good!!!
We opted for truffle hunting with the trained dogs and on the first few minutes on arrival we were fascinated by the skill of the dogs. The family owners cooked for us the truffle dishes which were freshly caught. We liked it.
We tasted the truffles cooked by the owners of the family truffle business and even bought some to try cooking according to how we were taught. We also bought a variety of turtle products such as truffle spreads. Will come back for more.
We learnt a lot about truffles and its history in Istria, the hosts were amazing and gracious. We loved the truffle ice cream which was yummy, they also gave us gluten free options. Everything was excellent, the dogs, location, facilities and the family.
3 of 4 Truffle from Buzet based on rating