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Karlic Truffles are products of the Karlic family from the Buzet area. The family has been hunting truffles since 1966. At that time, the Motovun forest was much larger, and the most abundant site was located at the present bottom of Lake Butoniga. Success in the search for truffles is brought to them by their dogs, who start training as early as 3 months of age. Training is serious but organized so that the puppy thinks of it as a game. In addition to the truffles, they offer various products such as Istrian sausage with truffles.

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№46 in 1804 Truffle from Croatia

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Paladini 14, 52420 Buzet


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We had heard so much about this truffle heaven that we purposed to make a trip here and we were not disappointed. We were able to go hunting for truffles with the trained dogs an exercise that i quite fell in love. We also enjoyed some homemade wines served by the Lady Boss, Ivana, in their lovely private dining area whose ambience is a thing to die for.
The Karlic family is known for hunting Truffles since in the 19th Century. The dogs are well trained. I loved the Istrian Sausage and Truffles.
I really liked the truffles here and the process they use in obtaining them is so cool.
Truffle hunting is something that has existed in the Karlic family for years. They have the best fresh truffles. Their Istrian sausage and truffle was very sweet
Me and my workmates paid this place a visit last month and I found this place to be so fascinating. It is located at the current bottom of lake Butoniga where some time back the Motovun forest was much larger. It was a lot of fun learning how the family has been hunting truffles.
It is is a must-visit place when you are in Buzet. I loved the interesting tour and we were lucky enough to see the filming of an advertisement for Karlic Truffles. The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable and gave us plenty of space when it came to tasting their fantastic truffles.
very good!!!
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