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Manzoku sushi bar is the first of its kind in Zagreb to bring flavors of Japanese cuisine to the Croatian capital. The menu is rich and consists of traditional Japanese dishes presented in a modern way, and the most popular is certainly sushi. All the ingredients used - from vegetables, fish and meat, are fresh, locally grown and seasonal, which greatly contributes to the quality of each dish that Japanese cuisine requires. Here you can eat handmade sushi such as Nigiri sushi, California Roll, Futomaki and dishes from tempura and other Japanese food. The ambiance exudes minimalism and simplicity, with a touch of modern elegance that is typical in Japanese culture. Rta drinks contain traditional Japanese drinks, and professional and friendly staff will help you choose. It's up to you to book your place and enjoy the gastronomic rhapsodies that Manzoku sushi bar offers!

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Gajeva ul. 26, 10000, Zagreb


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
It was a great Sushi experience, i had never tasted Sushi before but when my friends recommended Manzoku for me i didn't hesitate to try something new, i was not disappointed. We stayed at the private table at the back. The delicious food is worth the money.
The attendants were good and were always asking and suggesting good pieces of Sushi to try. It was spacious enough to accomodate me and my 7 friends and the place was clean and nice to spend our time. I recommend their Sushi.
I also loved the presentation of the meals and the large portions. The experience was fulfilling and I would visit again.
I love and enjoy the incorporation of Japanese Cuisine. My favorite meals are the numerous types of sushi prepared in this place. The restaurant is very elegant and less crowded and that is why i am a regular here
The restaurant played calm music which was soothing and relaxing. They served my kids well with personalized cups, we took the shrimps in plenty because of how delicious they were. The atmosphere was fantastic.
I was curious about visiting the place bcause it is the first of its kind in Zagreb to bring japanese cuisine to the country, They are very professional in their staff and the dishes are prepared very nicely, I loved doing a culture change for a minute there
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