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Batak grill is one of the most popular grill places on the Zagreb gastro scene, and you can find restaurants in 3 locations. Its rich offer will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Before you pounce on a juicy Batak platter or bagel; after a glass of homemade brandy try our spreads, beef tartar or homemade goose pate. For a juicy continuation of a well-baked story, you can order what Batak is famous for, a charcoal grill. In addition to grilled dishes, there is also a specialty for those who like a spoon, Batak shepherd's pie. You can round off lunch or dinner with a large selection of desserts and toast with quality wine, a large selection of craft beer or one of our cocktails !. The wine list is rich, and it goes perfectly with the menu. The professional and friendly staff will be very happy to help you with your choice, and it is up to you to enjoy the rhapsodies of smell and taste.

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Rudeška cesta 87, 10000, Zagreb


(13 reviews)
Fabulous place to visit. We went to the place with my family and enjoyed a well prepared steak with some soft drinks and had a splendid afternoon. The day was not over as we were served with some delicious fries and great salad. Unforgettable time at the restaurant and it was amazing.
The services were excellent the staff was very friendly, they made us feel comfortable. The meat was delicious , juicy with that scent of smoke that everybody likes when they order grilled meat. We came here hungry but left very satisfied, thanks.
Temperance                   Brina
Batak shepherd's pie is an extremely delicious meal that can last from lunch till dinner. This is my go-to place when I want to have both lunch and dinner at the same time.
There is a short list of craft beer , it was accompanied with ice cold in glass. The restaurant offered us with a variety of grill foods, the steak tartare was quite pleasant. Great value for money.
After tasting the homemade brandy, i tried the beef tartar , the meat was delicious and tender that was melting while biting it. My young kids were also able to enjoy the meal, the platar on the other hand was accompanied by grilled mushroom and fries and they were good. A great place for a family with small kids .
Nice and entertaining place with some great music being played on a regulated sound. The place has a great ambiance and the atmosphere at the place is superb. The place is famous for the grilling skills and they offer the best in town for everyone to enjoy when they visit.
very good!!!
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