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Ginger Sushi


Ginger Sushi is a well-known Japanese gastronomic place in the city of Zagreb. The menu is rich and consists of traditional Japanese dishes presented in a modern way, and the most popular is certainly sushi. All the ingredients used - from vegetables, fish and meat, are fresh, locally grown and seasonal, which greatly contributes to the quality of each dish that Japanese cuisine requires. Here you can eat handmade sushi such as Nigiri sushi, California Roll, Futomaki and dishes from tempura and other Japanese food. The ambiance exudes minimalism and simplicity, with a touch of modern elegance that is typical in Japanese culture. Rta drinks contain traditional Japanese drinks, and professional and friendly staff will help you choose. It is up to you to book your place and enjoy the gastronomic rhapsodies.

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Masarykova 21


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The first time I tried sushi, I was immediately captivated by these delicious treats that are the perfect blend between nature and culture. I have been wanting to try the ginger Sushi restaurant in Zagreb for a while now, but it was not until last week that I finally got the chance.
The friendly staff helped us in choosing Rta drinks which contain traditional Japanese drinks. The drinks can either be served in glass beers or bottles according to one's choice.A great value for money.
I have visited this restaurant at Zagreb severally and the experience was really great. The food was delicious, the service good and we had a lot of fun.
very good!!!
I enjoyed the traditional Japanese drinks prepared here. Will bring my sister the next time I visit.
Quality Japanese dishes with a Japanese vibe. I had never tasted Japanese dishes before but after coming across this restaurant, the dish is now a must. Sushi is the most common here.
I am a big fan of chinese and japanese dishes and desserts and this place satisfies it very well. I love how the location incorporates the Japanese culture in their meal preparation. One of my favorites is Nigiri sushi and California Roll.
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