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Apetit City


Apetit City is a famous, attractive gastronomic place of the city of Zagreb, with a tradition of many years. The ambiance is bright, warm, elegant and designed to make you feel comfortable. Restaurant Vinodol has been offering its guests top standards of food, wine and service for many years. The menu is a fusion of modern European and traditional Croatian cuisine. On the menu you will find delicious fish and meat dishes, fresh, homemade pasta dishes and delicious creamy risotto. One of the specialties is soft fried veal liver with gorgonzola. All foods used are fresh and seasonal, which greatly contributes to the quality of each dish. The wine list is rich, contains many top Croatian and foreign labels, and goes perfectly with the menu. The professional and friendly staff will be very happy to help you with your choice, and it is up to you to enjoy the rhapsodies of smell and taste.

№14 in 107 Restaurant from Zagreb
№135 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia
Phone: 01 4677 335

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Fine Dining

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Jurjevska ul. 65, 10000, Zagreb


(8 reviews)
Visiting Apetit City in Zagreb was a lot of fun, great for families and for foodies. I especially loved the cold drinks, ice creams and chocolate chip cookies!
very good!!!
I visited Apetit city with my family and friends, a few weeks ago. We had great time and enjoyed every single moment we spend there. The food was delicious and the staff was very kind and helpful. There were also a lot of cute animals, like rabbits, puppies and cats that made us even happier!
I loved the quality of the local fresh foods and international cuisines with a touch of Croatian bites, wines and oils served here. We enjoyed the wonderful meal at the heart of the city, where homemade pasta is a highlight. We tried quit a few dishes and everything was fabuluous.
This place is quite elegant. Their interior decor was very nice. I loved how the tables were setup and their service was very good. It is known for its famous Croatian cuisines. I enjoyed their grilled meat
Apetit offered us a fantastic fine dining experience from the modern styling to outstanding service and delicious foods.The cuisines offered here were unique and had an amazing wine list. A great champagne selection and local wines.
Do not forget to carry your appetite when coming to this place since they do not disappoint. It was my first-time eating veal liver with gorgonzola and they made me love it.
8 of 107 Restaurant from Zagreb based on rating