Kirche St. Rocco


Die Kirche St. Rocco befindet sich auf dem höchsten Hügel in Trpanj, von dem aus man einen Blick auf das ganze Dorf und das offene Meer hat. Die Kirche wurde im späten 16. Jahrhundert als Votivkirche erbaut. St. Roch oder Rocco ist ein Heiliger der römisch-katholischen Kirche, der im 14. Jahrhundert in Frankreich lebte und zweimal an der Pest erkrankte. Er wird als Beschützer vor der Pest und ansteckenden Krankheiten im Allgemeinen verehrt. Im 19. Jahrhundert wurde die Kirche umgestaltet. Eine monumentale Treppe, die 1927 gebaut wurde, führt zur Kirche. Die zweite und kleinere Treppe führt zur Kirche St. Nikolaus auf dem anderen Hügel.

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20240, Trpanj


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We were surprised by the skills of the painters, it was a great feeling looking at the paintings within the altar. St Rocco has numerous statues, i especially loved their arrangement. The art in the church surpassed my imagination and made me appreciate artwork more. The view from the hill was panoramic, we could see the village and the sea very clearly. Will definitely come back
very good!!!
Евгении Анатольевич
very good!!!
very good!!!
Located on a hill, this church is a must visit. I really loved trekking to the top. It offers a great view of the sea and land. The stairs are magnificent. This votive church is quite small but the architectural design still stands out considering it was built in the 16th century.
My tour at the Church of Saint Rocco was amazing and i was perplexed by the rich historical story of the place. I loved the superb views of the landscape and the sea from the church that is located uphill. The art work of the church is mindblowing and would stare at the amazing piece of work for hour on the walls and other paintings. The architectural structure of the church of saint Rocco is beautiful and eye catching. Peaceful place with conducive environment to visit and i recommend a visit to the place.
We visited the church and a sign outside the place told about the medieval history of the church and there was a wonderful musician playing live. Unforgettable moments.
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