Die Blace Bucht


Die Bucht Blace ist eine kleine und ruhige, von Felsen umgebene grüne Bucht. Mit ihrem Heilschlamm, der in der Medizin als Peloid bekannt ist, lockt die Blace Bucht Urlauber aus der ganzen Welt an. Schon seit langem kommen viele Besucher mit der Absicht, ihre Gesundheit durch Schlammpackungen zu unterstützen. Heilschlamm hilft bei rheumatischen Erkrankungen und Erkrankungen der weiblichen Geschlechtsorgane. Dies wurde durch Untersuchungen der medizinischen Fakultät in Zagreb und des Instituts für Physiotherapie in Sarajevo bestätigt.

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public beach



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Čarin Put 4, 20240, Trpanj


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This quiet bay guarantees the perfect holiday. It doesn't have a lot of people and is ideal for those alone moments. It i surrounded by greenery and Beautiful rocks. Also there is medicinal mud that helps cure a number of health issues.
The greeny and rocky beach is famous for the healing mud that a lot of people visited the place for the reason. Crowded with people covered in mud and it was lovely to spend the summer at the beach with my friends.
Blace bay is the best place to visit for those who need some alone time away from the busy crowds and noise because the place is so quiet. I got my inspiration to my book while walking on the sidewalk at the beach while beholding the great beauty. The trip was worth it.
The blue seascape is magnificent and worth beholding. I loved taking mud baths here and trust me the results were great ; for the first time in life i felt much better after being diagnosed of arthritis.
Being a dermatologist i have been curious to see if the healing mud does actually work. Exploring the city i found out that the mud found on this small bay helps with rheumatic diseases and diseases of the female organs.
very good!!!
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