Veliki pokrvenik Beach


Surrounded by rocks and pine trees, this beautiful beach in the bay is a holiday for mind and body. There is also a restaurant on the beach, so you can find refreshment in the sun or take shelter in the shade.

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Hvar

Place Location

21466, Zastražišće


(4 reviews)
We had some few refreshments at the restaurant and we enjoyed delicious meals freshly prepared. We had some few drinks too at the spot and enjoyed the services offered at the restaurant.
We had the time to go swimming at the beach and it was spectacular experience. Few people at the beach and it created enough space for us to swim freely and had a lot of fun. The atmosphere was also conducive and we absolutely loved the beach.
The rocky beach was among the things that we loved about the place. The peace and quietness of the place offered a serene environment for me to relax and rejuvenate away from the busy schedule. It was superb to visit the beach and i loved my time at the beach.
very good!!!
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