Vancanella Beach


Vankanela Beach is part of the camp of the same name. The beach is as much as 3 kilometers long and has a pebble character which makes it very popular among young people and families with children, and is located only 2 kilometers away from Vrsar. On the beach there are showers, deck chairs and parasols, but also excellent coffee bars and restaurants with a rich offer. The proximity of Vrsar makes it easily accessible and popular among locals and tourists.


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public beach



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52452, Vrsar


(4 reviews)
This pebble beach is great for families with children and even young people. It has showers, dech chairs and parasols all for the comfort of anyone visiting. It is easily accessible, I enjoyed having cofffee while still enjoying the view of the sea, there is a restaurant and coffee bars for refreshments.
I loved the fact that the beach had rental equipment which allowed me to pack minimally. I enjoyed soaking in the sun during my summer visit while my daughter played in the open waters. I will visit again soon with my whole family.
Vancanella beach has an alluring view. The place creates this bustling feeling and the pine trees are just perfect for the natural shade. I visited the place during my graduation party with my classmate and I can say we fully enjoyed!
very good!!!
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