The Beach of the Bijela Uvala camp


Spending a day in the beautiful White Bay means a vacation in the fresh air, next to the beach you can find a handful of additional facilities for recreation and relaxation. You will find additional entertainment within the camp, with a sports offer and many restaurants, summer terraces and shops.

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The white sands on the bay were beautiful to walk on and sea the sunset on the horizon, it had a good number of people as well it was not crowded in the evening, there are also bars and cafes where i took refreshing drinks as i gazed on the sea. There are also parking spaces for people coming with vehicles, it is accomodative
This beach promises recreational facilities and a great deal of relaxation coupled with the fresh air . A number of people normally visit the place.Nonetheless,the public facilities are satisfactorily sufficient. I also enjoyed engaging in sports activities.There are shops and restaurants which is a plus.
The beach offers recreation and relaxation facilities this is coupled with the fresh air that makes one just feel relaxed and able to rest. Several people visit the place but the public amenities available cater for the number in a satisfactory way. I also enjoyed the sports activities offered, the shops and restaurants add to the comfort.
very good!!!
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