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Delfin Beach is located on the south side of Porec, within the popular Resort Zelena. It is a rocky beach with paved and pebbled parts. The blue flag flies over the quality and clean sea, and the landscaped coast rich in sports and recreational facilities. On the beach you can play beach volleyball or rent jet skis and other adrenaline equipment, while your safety will be taken care of by a permanent rescue service. The beach is also equipped with showers and changing cabins available to the public. You can also find refreshments, refreshments and a good breakfast in the nearby restaurants.

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I loved doing the adrenaline boosting activities and i have to say the blood rush was worth it, the jet skis were fun to perform, also swimming in the blue waters was really awesome. The beach was well paved and pebble rocks finished the design. The seafood cuisines from the Delfin restaurant were amazing. I had so much fun in this beach.
I found it was a beautiful place to visit to relax and have fun. The beach itself is well paved and is rocky with pebbled parts. It has changing and showering cabins so one is able to do whatever activity they want. Sports and recreational facilities are available and one can also enjoy the jet ski rides, and the restaurants ensure one gets refreshment through the visit. It is slightly crowded but worth the visit.
It's the ideal place to visit for a fun and relaxing weekend. The beach has nice pavements and is pebbled and rocky. There are changing and showering cabins . There are sports and recreational facilities and I also enjoyed jet skiing .There are restaurants that offer refreshments throughout the visit. It is slightly crowded but totally worth the time and money.
very good!!!
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