Solin Amphitheatre


There is an amphitheater in the northwestern part of Solin. The elliptical bean amphitheater is believed to have been built in the 2nd century, in which there was room for 18,000 spectators. The eastern part was the entrance for gladiators and their helpers, while animals were found behind a wire mesh. The amphitheater also has an underground passage to perform wounded and dead gladiators. Here is also a Christian oratory dedicated to St. Asterius and other martyrs executed in the amphitheater for the proclamation of the Christian religion.

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Put Salone bb, 21210, Solin


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very good!!!
It was more like a walk in nature, with some kind of remnants of ancient buildings and antique sarcophagi. The whole walk took us several hours, it's good that such places remained.
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