Olive Oil Museum


Olive Oil Museum in Škrip is a guardian of a centuries-long tradition of olive oil making. All of the old machines and paraphernalia used in the production of oil ages ago are kept on display: the olive mill and press, fireplace used to heat the water, and all the tools necessary to make the best of each and every olive.

The owners of the museum have brought the old traditions into the 21st century and produce their olive oil and other olive-based products using modern technology. You’ll be able to see for yourself how this blend of traditional and modern tastes during the guided tasting tour. There are various tasting menus on offer, some of which include sheep and cottage cheese and the Dalmatian prosciutto. All are topped with the best olive-based products (various types of olives, olive oil, and olive spreads) and locally made wine. Whichever you choose you’ll definitely work up an appetite - and following that, you’ll be able to purchase from the wide array of the factory’s products.

The entire interior is adorned with paintings and sculptures made by the painter Hana Marta Jurčević and the sculptor Đani Martinić respectively. This museum is also the member of the Culinary Heritage Europe organization.

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Put Ploča 5, 21410, Škrip


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