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Modrave, an area on the karst isthmus between Vrana Lake and the sea, was first cleared for planting vines. The stone removed from the ground was used to build dry stone walls, which separated the plots of land and served as paths when they were wide enough. After the phylloxera pest destroyed vineyards at the end of the 19th century, farmers from Murter and Betina cleared and settled karst in less than 50 years, planted about 180,000 olives and formed this magnificent olive grove on an area of ​​12 km², which produced 60 tons of precious oils per year. The severe winter of 1956 caused the freezing of over 90% of the olive trees, which caused the gradual abandonment of Modrava. Although a large number of olive groves are still abandoned and overgrown, through workshops on olive pruning and drywall restoration, the owners are encouraged to restore the olive groves.

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Vransko Lake

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Lake Vrana (Dalmatia)


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