Museum of the City of Rijeka


The Museum of the City of Rijeka was first called the Museum of the People's Revolution and is located in the Sugar Factory Palace. Its history begins in 1875 when the then ruler Franjo Josip gave a glass to the citizens of Rijeka in order to keep it and set it up as a museum exhibit. It was opened to the public in 1893 when it operated as the City Museum, and has existed as today's institution since 1994. The museum exhibition is based on art, music and technical collections, as well as collections of numismatics, postcards, etc. that are specific to the history of the city of Rijeka and the Rijeka area. The museum is actively involved in several successful projects, of which it can boast of introducing the public to the history of the motor ship Galeb and the creation of a new city cultural and tourist route - the promenade.

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