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In the first century BC, it was not possible to sail around Cape Planck or Cape Diomedes during a major storm. This is an area of ​​the south and bora, local winds associated with the Argonaut myth that conspire to create one of the deadliest navigable points in the east. A Roman ship carrying 150 amphorae full of wine from northern Italy to Greece anchored for the last time in the bay of Gornji Muli in Rogoznica. For a medium-sized ship overloaded with amphorae, even a closed bay was not safe. It overturned and sank to a depth of 20 meters, hitting underwater rocks, and its wreckage was scattered over a field measuring 13x10m. The site was explored and preserved in 1998. During the cold days of winter and war in January 1942, a British submarine sank a large Italian transport ship called the Nuncio between the Mulo and Velika Smokvica lighthouses. The wreck lay undiscovered at the bottom of the sea for sixty-six years. The waters around Rogoznica contain numerous shipwrecks from different historical periods, so we could say that in the deep blue sea there is a museum, a multitude of historical material that intrigues scientists and tourists.

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