Mata Beach


Mata Beach is located in the tourist attraction Lun on the island of Pag. The beach is circular in shape, covered with a combination of fine white pebbles and stone slabs that are ideal for sunbathing (they do not make it difficult to move or swim). The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the seabed is covered with small stones. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need for a beach holiday. If you still want lunch or cocktails in the restaurant, the center of Luna is not far. Around the beach there is a small promenade that leads to other beaches near the town of Lun.

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I honestly loved this beach. It is circular in shape covered with a combination of white pebbles and stone slabs ideal for sunbathing. The entrance of the sea is gentle and the seabed is covered with small stones.
I loved this beach because it was not over crowded. and its is protected by high cliffs and rocks from the public eye hence there is some sort of privacy.The sea is warm, clear ,shallow and beautiful . It is rocky so wear the right kind of shoes and also protect yourself from the sun because there is no natural shade .There are no additional facilities but they are a drive away.The beach is also known for boats and boaters who anchor their boats.
My nephew was more than pleased to spend his birthday in this location. We had a good time swimming out in the open waters and exploring the underworld. It was a great discovery and bonding moment for us. It is a must visit destination
very good!!!
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