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Dudici beach is located in the small apartment complex of the same name in a bay on the island of Pag. The beach is characterized by a beautiful clear sea of distinct blue color. The beach is rocky, but the rocks are not sharp and are suitable for sunbathing. Boats are moored nearby because the beach is popular among boaters due to its location. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, but they are relatively close to you if you drive to the center of Dudic. We definitely recommend that you bring everything you need with you. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the strong sun!

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The beach has a clean seabed, fine pebbles and it's covered with pretty mild oval stones.Its entrance is shallow and mild , it has tall pine trees that provide shade to protect one from the sun.The center near the beach has food and drink facilities if you are in dire need for something to eat, carry everything you need for your vacation..
I particularly loved laying on the pebbled beach and giving myself a tan. It was relaxing to sleep, relax, and enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean. Vacationing here was a great experience and I will visit again soon with my husband.
Dudici beach is clean, very beautiful, colorful, quiet, easily accessible and with a wonderful finish of sand just a few minutes from the shore. This beach is like all the beaches in the world in one place. Very perfect for tourists!
very good!!!
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