Eco Museum Mura


The tourist destination Ekomuzej Mura includes the area along the river Mura in the cross-border area, which in Slovenia includes the municipalities of Beltinci, Lendava and Razkrizhje and in Croatia the municipalities of Saint Martin on the Mura, Podturen and the City of Mursko Sredishche. .

Ecomuseum Mura offers an exceptional mosaic of biodiversity and landscape and cultural diversity, traditional knowledge, preserved by hospitable natives and ethnologically colored traditional events. Scaffolding, which runs across the Mura, floating mills, traditional architecture, historical landmarks and exhibition collections, depicting the life of the rural population.

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Marof, 40313, Žabnik


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
The biodiversity practised in this location is eye-opening. I especially loved the traditional architecture and historical features present all over the location.
The Eco Museum Mura is a great cultural heritage for the natives that is highly treasured. I was told renovations happen systematically to conform with tourists needs.
We visited the place and it had alot to offer with amazing history from the natives who are hospitable and the diverse heritable with exhibits. We loved the biodiversity of the museum and had an adventorous time.
The biodiversity I saw here was exceptional. If you want to see how life outside the urban centres is this is the place to be. I really enjoyed birdwatching and fishing
It was nice to encounter the exceptional mosaic biodiversity of Eco Museum Mura. It is clean and beautiful.
The locals here practice biodiversity. i really loved the traditional architecural style implemented in this location, which make the place very unique and interesting.
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