Duce Beach


Duce Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Omish area, located near the Dugi Rat beach. It is a large sand-and-pebble beach, with a pebbled sea bed and the sea itself coming in shallow, which makes it easily accessible to children and the elderly. Because of the clean and clear water, the sea here is great for swimming and snorkeling.

The pine trees flanking and bordering the beach provide a pleasant natural shade, and beach umbrellas are available for rent if you want to stay in the central sandy section of the beach. Beach loungers are available for rent, too, as well as jet skis and pedal boats. The near vicinity of the beach is dotted with snack bars, cafes and restaurants so you won’t have to go too far to catch a break from sunbathing, swimming and playing in the sand.

You can easily reach this beach on foot if you’re located in Duche. If you’re coming by car, there is parking space available around the beach, or in its near vicinity, but take note that parking might be charged.

It is worth mentioning that the entire coastline of Duche is six kilometers long, with lots of beach space available. The terrain is pebbled and in parts sandy, dotted with Mediterranean trees and touched by the shallow sea making the entire coastline a great choice for visitors of all ages.

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