Donji spadici Beach


Donji Shpadichi is a landscaped urban beach, located 2 km north of Porech, between two hotels, and near the sports center. The beach is a combination of gravel, cement and stones and was significantly renovated last year - added coastal retaining walls, paved areas for sunbathing and new stairs to access the sea.
The beach and nearby hotels promote sustainable transport by organizing trains to transport guests and organizing cycling and walking tours.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Špadići, 52440, Poreč


(4 reviews)
Among the beaches I have visited this is by far one of the cleanest beach. Its is the perfect place to camp if you are planning for a night beach camping. There are uptodate camping infrastructure developed by the local authorities and also others privately own. This is indeed the perfect beach.
The beach is family friendly and by the fact that it offers train as a means transport gave me that physical psych of visiting the place more and more. The tour guide who gave us a walk around the beach was friendly and had that great sense of humor.
Donji Shpadichi beach is all about the modern world and I'm totally here for it.The place is beautiful and the hotels are very very well maintained.The fact that you don't have to walk on a sandy beach because of the gravel and cement stones was an added advantage for me.This place was totally worth my time and visit.
very good!!!
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