Beritnica Beach


Due to its specificity, Beritnica Beach symbolizes one of the most painted beaches on the island of Pag. The shoal of the beach is adorned with 3 large stone rocks in front of which tourists love to take pictures and take selfies. The beach is located near Metajna. The easiest way to reach the beach is to reach Ruchica beach by car and then walk to Beriknica beach, which is about 600 meters away from Ruchica beach. The path leading to Beriknica is called Life on Mars because it resembles the landscape of the celestial planet Mars. The trail is a real attraction among tourists. The beach can be reached from the sea - by boat. The advantage of this beach compared to the neighboring beach Ruchica is that there is no crowd on this beach. If you go to this beach in the pre- and post-season, there is a possibility that it will be only yours. In the background of the beach there is a popular climbing area Therefore, which is a real lure for all climbers and tourists looking for an active vacation. There is no natural shade and cafes on the beach, so if you go to this beach, bring plenty of water and a parasol if possible. Beriknica beach is ideal for shooting fashion editorials.

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public beach


Pag island

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53296, Metajna


(6 reviews)
The beach is less crowded since it is only accessible by boat. Loved walking on the paths and one caught my eye. It's called Life on Mars because it resembles the landscape of the celestial planet Mars. You should catch a glimpse of it when you are here.
The beach is well decorated, we took photos at the well decorated shoal of the beach which is adorned with 3 large stones in front of it. It was a dream come true to walk with my love along the path dubbed Life on Mars. Ideal for couples
The beautiful beach is ideal for pictures and we had some shots taken. Adventurous tour as we went rock climbing and had fun with other people. We made sure we carried drinking water and a shade as there is no natural shade at the beach.
What I loved most about this beach is that it is not crowded, hence maximum enjoyment of the utilities and facilities here. It was adventurous to visit the alluring climbing area which is an adrenaline igniting space. We rented parasols for rest and sunbathing.
I enjoyed taking pictures next to the 3 large stones. Walking to the beach was amazing because of the paths that represented celestial planet Mars. They were attractive. The beach is usually full sometimes and at times it could be all yours.There are no cafes or even natural prepare adequately.
very good!!!
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