Batalo Beach


Batalo Beach is one of four beautiful beaches on the picturesque island of Proizd, about 30 minutes by boat from Vela Luka, which is listed among the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic and Mediterranean. This is a pebble beach, and nearby is a pine forest suitable for relaxing in the shade. it looks like a picture from a postcard and every year more and more people come to this place in search of a quality vacation.

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Place Type

public beach


Proizd Island

Place Location

20270, Vela Luka


(4 reviews)
Batalo beach is captivating especially since it is on the picturesque island of Proizd. The shade brought about by the pine trees creates a calm atmosphere for relaxation. I would definitely visit the place again.
This Batalo beach is a beautiful place to visit and to sit there are some amazing views of the sea and watching the boats going to and fro from the harbour. This garden is situated high on the cliff top and to get down to the harbour there are many steps and slopes to negotiate. the beach has well manages washroom and its is not littered at all. I will definitely go back to this place.
The beautiful pebble beach is calm and serene.The beautiful tall pine trees offer a good and reliable shade.The beach doesn't have a lot going on, so one can opt to take long walks and enjoy their own company. At least I know I did exactly that. The place is very beautiful for sure.
very good!!!
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