Red Lake


Red Lake is a sinkhole filled with water near the town of Imotski and Blue Lake. The name comes from the solid red cliffs at the edge of the lake. It is believed to be one of the deepest lakes in Europe. The last depth measurement was performed in 2013 when 255m was measured. The lake is probably connected to other waters via a cave 280 m at its bottom. The lake was thought to have formed when the ceiling of a large cave hall collapsed. Unlike Blue Lake, it cannot be reached, but it is viewed from the top and is not dry, so it can be visited all year round.

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The trip to the lake is great and the eye catching scenery at the lake is mind blowing and i enjoyed every moment that i was at the place.
We loved the hike to the place and had the right equpment to finish the hike successful and it was not just fun but magical to enjoy the phenomenal moments.
We had a small group tout that had us wine tasting on the trip and has the chnace of having delicious meals too.
I had alot of fun while swimming at the crater on some water body that was relaxing and refreshing and brought the good vibes with the warm temperatures that were at that moment.
The views from the cliffs and the mountainous region was dazzling and the sunset was spectacular with the rays reflecting on the beautiful landscape and the photos were beautiful.
Exclusive tours around the place and amazing guides who offered us great assistance in getting to know the way around and the mervelous things.
Gorgeous hotels and accommodations that are generally good and comfortable and provide basic and quality assuarance.