Blue Lake


Blue Lake is one of the most beautiful natural karst lakes in Croatia located near the town of Imotski. It lies in a deep pit that was probably formed by the collapse of a ventilated underground cave. The total depth from the upper edge is 220 meters and it varies depending on the season. Water levels could reach more than 90 meters in early spring when snow from nearby mountains melts. At the end of the summer, the lake could mystically disappear, so there is a fascinating football field at its bottom. The lake is a popular place for tourists and residents of the town of Imotski because it is very accessible. In addition there are trails that go almost to the bottom of the lake. There are many caves inside the lake, which are very difficult to reach. The best time to visit is winter and spring.

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very good!!!
The water appeared blue. It was a good experience touring around the lake with my family.We enjoyed everything at the lake.
I was here for a vacation and felt good riding in aboat. The decision to visit blue lake was good.
The hospitable people of the area treated us really nice with my family. I felt touched by their acts of kindness and wish to revisit the place when I have time.
The lake is so cool and peaceful. I toured around alone and enjoyed the scenaries around.
We we here during the winter period, my kids loved playing football in the spacious fascinating football field at the bottom of the lake. It was mesmerizing to learn that the lakes mystically disappears sometimes. I wish i could experience it, i will definitely come back.
The trails towards the bottom of the lake were therapeutic to me. As i walked down the trail gasping fresh air, i meditated about my life. A good place it is to relieve stress.