Village of Trebisca


A very special place, hidden in the safety of the Uchka mountain, this village is steeped in mythology and history.

This tiny place consist of only several old houses and a restored mill but all of them have an abundance of stories to tell about the old Slavic people who came to this area hundreds and hundreds of years ago and the myths they brought with them. The old mill, for example, is connected to the god Veles, the Slavic god of abundance and the protector of peasants, wheat and cattle, who was no doubt one of the central figures in the lives of the old villagers. And since he was also the god of the underworld, the Volovski Kuk locale is said to have been the entrance to his kingdom.

According to myth he was able to change into any animal form, so the sculpture representing him in the form of a snake can be found near the Petrebishche plateau. Perched above him, at the Perun peak, dedicated to the sky and fire god Perun, is the totem of this celestial god looking out in all four directions of the world.

Steeped in history and mythology, Trebishcha is the central point of the mythic path in the mythic park Trebishcha - Rodik, and must-see location during your visit to this region.

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